Pizzeria & restaurant "Savoca"

About us

Our story, the Italian Way

If you ask anyone from Novi Sad what's the best Italian food place around, they will tell you try Savoca, in downtown Novi Sad. Everyone who loves Italy, pizza and pasta, the richness of flavors and smells from the Mediterranean does not need to make a trip to Italy. We brought Italy to Novi Sad.

Visit the Italian cuisine restaurant and pizzeria Savoca and enjoy the authentic aromas and the sounds of Italian canzones.

Pizzeria & restaurant Savoca - Novi Sad
The Savoca Restaurant offers Italian, Mediterranean and international cuisine. The specialities are prepared by our skilled, professional chefs in the old-fashioned, traditional way. The restaurant is located at a very popular and sought of location, at Bulevar Oslobodjenja 41.

This is how it all began...

From fast food to a prestigious certificate

Not so long ago, in 2012, we established a fast food restaurant in the Dunavska Street in Novi Sad. Since then, we've been pacing steadily towards the goals we set, driven by ambition, constant search perfection and global standards we will not budge from.

Due to demand, two years later, we decided to move to a bigger space in a new location, at Bulevar Oslobodjenja, in close proximity to the railway and main coach station. This is where we opened a real Italian restaurant, with an authentic Italian wood-fired oven.

Savoca Pizzeria & Ristorante quickly became synonymous with quality when it comes to the most popular cuisine in the world.

An ever increasing list of our regular and new satisfied customers who invest their trust and recommend our restaurant speaks in favour of the fact that we're on the right way.

In just six years we raised our restaurant to the status of the best Italian restaurant in Novi Sad and further, thanks to our quality standards and original products. We are the first and only restaurant to receive the certificate of Italian hospitality "Marchio Ospitalità Italiana" issued by the Italian National Tourism Institute.

This means that Savoca is the only restaurant in Vojvodina and Novi Sad where you can enjoy authentic Italian specialties made according to traditional recipes, exclusively from ingredients with controlled origins and geographic origin.

Pizzeria & restaurant Savoca - Novi Sad
And that's not all.

The quality of our specialties and services was recognised by our guests. According to the user ratings of the tourism platform Trip Advisor, Savoca is the number 1 Italian restaurant in Novi Sad for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Savoca Restaurant is an ideal place to impress business associates and clients and make important business decisions over a delicious meal. We offer quick and quality delivery as well.

Pizzeria & restaurant "Savoca"

Synonymous with tradition and quality

Pizzeria Savoca - Novi Sad
Pizzeria & restaurant Savoca - Novi Sad

Taste of Italy

on your palates

Savoca has a diverse and original menu which will satisfy even the pickiest of persons and epicurists.

High quality prosciutto, cheeses and home-made fresh pasta will tickle your palates and open your appetite.

Our menu offers 30 types of pizzas, home-made, delicious pasta, hors d'oeuvres and soups, salads, risotto, meat or fish dishes. What sets us apart from other pizzerias is the fact that all pizzas are prepared in the traditional manner, in a wood-fired oven, at 400°C we brought to Novi Sad from Modena.

In the end, to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can try some well-known Italian deserts and ice-cream which can rival even the famous gellaterias in Rome.

All dishes are made from authentic fresh ingredients which originate from Italy, according to secret and protected recipes in order to preserve the unique taste of the Mediterranean.

Experienced and friendly waiters will help you pair each dish with the appropriate vine from the extensive wine list.

Savoca team

Professionals with international experience

In our restaurant, everyone does what they do best and enjoy most. Our team is made out of professionals with international experience who are consistently perfecting their skills and knowledge in order to get the best product.

The ambiance of the Savoca Pizzeria & Ristorante is inspired by Italy, making your stay a complete sensory experience at amazing prices.

Pizzeria & restaurant Savoca - Novi Sad